About us

CPUModel is a website where you can find specifications and information on almost any CPU model out there. We also have some tools for you to compare them to see how they are different and what kind of performance each CPU brings to the table.

CPUModel was founded in 2021 as a way for PC enthusiasts like us to share their knowledge with other people online. Our goal has always been simple: build the most detailed and accurate database of CPUs on the internet so that our members can make an informed decision when buying or building a new computer.
CPUModel has grown into what it is today (and of course, it keeps growing!) through our extensive research, hard work and dedication to always provide up-to-date information on CPUs in order to help people make an educated choice.

All data available here are reviewed with care. In any situation if you found an inaccurate information on something, we really appreciate it if you Contact us and tell us where we have missed the point.

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